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Technical parts

We realize technical parts for the professionals of the building sector: industrial insulated roof-gutters, connection pieces for roofs, several types of sealer, bath cabins, balconies, terraces, swimming pools.

Sealing expertise

Sealing products are also our specialty. We are partners with the company TRIFLEX which is a renowned supplier of sealing products in the sector. We offer you our know-how when installing Triflex products, assuring you the best quality of work.

Partnership with Baudet

To approach the luxury market as well as the hotels and the housing sector, Plasturgie Lazzerini has joined up with the French prefab bathroom manufacturer BAUDET. The innovative concept of these bathrooms rests mainly on the simplified production process. Every part of the bathroom is manufactured in Baudet’s factory: the cabins are made of light and thin materials and can be personalized according to the wishes of bidder and the architect.

Baudet’s Prefab bathrooms can be placed on a building site still under construction. They can be installed directly on the floor and can be used as soon as the electrical and water connections have been made. This approach has several advantages: it saves construction time, reduces repair costs and does not make storage on site necessary. Baudet provides an all-in warranty for its bathrooms and is the contact partner for all the bathroom accessories.

The Prefab bathrooms are available in Plasturgie Lazzerini showroom. For more information on Baudet’s products, please click on the following link.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][dt_banner target_blank=”false” bg_color=”#dd0000″ bg_opacity=”50″ text_color=”#ffffff” text_size=”normal” border_width=”3″ outer_padding=”10″ inner_padding=”10″ min_height=”80″ animation=”none” bg_image=””]Realizations :[/dt_banner][vc_column_text]

  • Sealing of the GSK car park in Wavre
  • Several interventions for private individuals (terraces, balconies, platforms, …)
  • Building complex in Trivières (Belgium)