[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text][dt_fancy_image style=”3″ border=”10″ lightbox=”true” animation=”none” align=”left” width=”300″ media=”” hd_image=”” image=”https://www.lazzerini.be/cms/wp-content/uploads/3d-1.jpg”][/dt_fancy_image]Dynamism and technology go hand in hand with innovation. Thanks to our mastery of composite materials we can stay open to every innovative possibility.

We have already realized several innovative and ambitious projects in partnership with other companies. We develop today the “Dom’Equip” an autonomous bath cabin designed for the house. This cabin makes it possible for disabled people to stay longer at home. This medically equipped bathroom unit will be very soon available for lease.

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Plasturgie Lazzerini also manages the technological and innovative project Componat within the context of the Walloon competitiveness cluster GreenWin. This project will enable us to use resin from biological sources as a new manufacturing component. Since March 2014 we also sponsor a similar project aimed at the development of compounds from the vegetable-based chemistry.

Plasturgie Lazzerini is also an active member of Plastiwin, the cluster of the plastics industry in Wallonia.

Besides these innovative projects we also master the following processing techniques :

  • Hand-lay-up : preparation of the reinforcements and manual application of the resin
  • Spray-up : resin and reinforcements are sprayed onto a mold
  • RTM (Resign Transfer Moulding) : low pressure resin transfer in a closed mold
  • RTM Light : semi-automatic processing technique that takes into account the thickness of the material
  • VART (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer): low pressure resin transfer in closed and light molds. It is a vacuum assisted resin transfer.